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  • New Residential OSHA Regulations

    Fall protection in the world of residential construction is changing. What exactly are the changes and what can you do about it? Continue reading

  • Fall Protection Questions

    One of the biggest mistake users of fall protection equipment can make is assuming. Don't do it. You know what assuming does! It makes a complete fool out of you... and only you.

    If you have questions, make sure you ask them! The variables in the world of construction and fall protection are... um... very vast. There are so many possible combinations of environments, workers, crap, etc, etc...

    No matter how stupid you may think the question is... Try us out. It could save someone's life!

    Ask us any questions about fall protection you may have. Either leave a question in the comments section or give us a call @ 888-412-7289.

  • Taxes, Fines, and OSHA

    Today is tax day... Son of a... Mailed! Anywho, it it's tax day. I wanted to take the time to make a brief announcement about fall protection and money.

    Now, am I a certified public accountant? No. But I do know that legal fees, OSHA fines, and worker's comp cost money. In most cases, way more than the original equipment would have cost. Am I telling you this as a seller of fall protection equipment? No. I'm speaking with you as a fellow business owner.

    I wouldn't want your business to fail because you chose not buy a couple of buckets of safety for your crew. Actually, I don't even care so much about you, but more for the people who work for you. If you go under, they lose there jobs. Sure, the economy sucks and you're not making as much money, but cutting corners doesn't pay.

    Just imagine what your accountant would say if you brought him a $15K fine to buff out of your return?

  • OSHA Throws In The Towel

    After years of inspecting, fining, and re-fining, OSHA will officially call it quits at the end of April. Faced with the sad reality that a majority of companies fail to comply with basic fall protection policy, and an increase in the number of fall related deaths, OSHA is hanging up its boots.

    This will come to a great relief to companies who've been fined in the last six months, because they will no longer have to pay the government or comply with OSHA mandates. Companies are now free to disregard fall protection on their job sites and clear their expense reports of safety equipment in general.

    One unnamed source from within OSHA stated they're, "frustrated as hell. Seriously, you try telling people over and over again to take care of themselves and their employees. What happens? Work related falls increase! If these people want to kill themselves... Let 'em. We're sick of being the construction world's mommy."

    So, starting May 1st you can throw away your equipment, because all bets are off...

    Obviously, this is an April Fool's post... It sounds ridiculous. We can all agree on that right? So why do some companies operate as if this were true? Seems pretty ridiculous doesn't it?

  • Fall Protection Records

    The Olympics are over. Records were set and recorded. Which reminds me... Have you been keeping track of your fall protection records? Did you know that OSHA can fine you for not keeping track of inspection records? Well they can, and they will.

    For some reason, OSHA doesn't buy the... "Oh yeah, we inspect these all the time" bit without documentation. And in most cases, it is not something you can fake. When they ask you for your records you better have them... quickly (cocktail napkins don't count).

    Look, I trust that you're taking the time to inspect your gear on a daily basis, and something a bit more formal twice a year, but if you don't keep up with it... it never happened.

    Don't make your inspections a waste of time. Make sure you're recording them.

  • Fall Protection Inspection Rut

    Today, on some weird-o's calendar it says "Old Stuff Day". What does that mean? It means to break out of your daily routine. Break from the norm and stop doing the same old things. Can this apply to fall protection? Good question.

    The short answer... Hell yeah!

    You may think this is going to be another post on replacing old gear... Well it's not. (Even though you should!). Nope this post is about spicing up your inspections. If that's possible.

    Sure, you know you're supposed to inspect your equipment each time before use. But, when you're inspecting your gear every single day, it can become pretty routine. You might even cut corners and do it half-assed. Which may be fine when you shower in the morning, but not here.

    I encourage all of you to spice things up today or tomorrow. Give your equipment the once over like a drug sniffing labrador on the trail of narcotics or your neighbor's dog sniffing your crotch. Whichever is more thorough.

    Make sure you're really looking at your gear and honestly inspecting it. It might make a difference, it might not. The point is to make sure your inspections don't fall in a rut.

  • You Shall Be Saved: Rescue Equipment

    Rescue equipment has really been making waves in the fall protection world in the last year or so. Which has lead to a fair amount of rescue gear confusion. Like... "Do I have to rescue someone if they're a dick."   "What if he slept with my wife?" Um, let's clear up some of the confusion. Continue reading

  • Snap Hooks and OSHA

    Hey, let's jump back on the OSHA band wagon and see what those crazy guys have to say about snap hooks. Sure, most of us take them for granted, but there are some very important tid-bits to learn. Continue reading

  • December OSHA Fines

    One of the things I don't really cover on this blog is the day to day distribution of OSHA fines. It feels too much like the paparazzi for me, but I still think we can learn a few things from them.  The fines, not the paparazzi. Continue reading

  • OSHA and the Duty to Have Fall Protection - Part 1

    Well, my wife would laugh at the term "duty" because she is a sucker for potty jokes. But the duty to have fall protection is a serious business to OSHA. What does OSHA have to say about this? How about we give you the cliff notes! Continue reading

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