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  • Geepers Kreepers Lanyard Keepers

    Great title eh? Today I'd like to share a feature that can be found some harnesses, but you may not know what the heck they are. Throughout our store I throw out the term lanyard keepers, and although I do my best to explain it I thought I'd share a little more.

    Lanyard keepers are usually found on a harness near the chest straps. In fact, there is usually one on both sides of your harness. They often look little d-rings or clips. (These are not shoulder d-rings. Those are located on your shoulders. duh.) Lanyard keepers "keep" your lanyards out of the way when you're not using them.

    Imagine, you're taking your lunch, so you unhook your lanyard from the anchor and go get your lunch box. Take the the snap hook you just released from your anchor point and attach it to the lanyard keeper. This way it's not dragging behind you getting damaged or creating a trip hazard. Sweet huh?

    Some lanyard keepers are break way, so in case you accidentally stepped on your lanyard, you wouldn't trip over it. And! They also work very well with dual leg lanyards (100% tie off). You can keep the lanyard you aren't using attached to the keeper and work away.

    Hopefully, we've supplied you with a little more information on this little gadget. If this seems like something you'd like on your next harness be on the lookout for it. Or give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.

  • What's With Dual Leg Lanyards?

    Hey what's the big deal with dual leg lanyards?  Did you know that dual leg lanyards can increase safety and provide increased mobility?  But how?   Enough questions, let's go over what's so special about dual leg lanyards. Continue reading

  • General Lanyard Regulations To Know

    In our series of brief introductions to the policies and guidelines from OSHA and ANSI... That sounds like it could be a kid's show doesn't it?

    (Cue: Announcer Voice) "And now get ready for another crazy adventure with OSHA & ANSI in the Land of Lanyards!"

    Here's what the have to say... Continue reading

  • Top 10 Fall Protection Lanyards

    Hello. We're back again with another top 10 list. This time we'll be ranking the Top 10 fall protection lanyards. We'll tell you what's nice about each one. Did your favorite lanyard make the list? Check and see. Continue reading

  • Visual Indication of Damage to Webbing and Rope

    Today is the day Harry Houdini, the magician, died. So what in the blue hell does this have to do with fall protection? Well, I came across some recent OSHA data about lanyard damage that I wanted to pass along... Still not getting it? I'd like to give you some pointers on what to look for when your fall protection lanyard has the ILLUSION of passing inspection. Continue reading

  • Inspecting Your Fall Protection Lanyards

    Well, on evaluate your life day (today), we thought it would be a good idea to teach you how make a salami sandwich and inspect your lanyards before use. After much soul searching we decided to drop the lanyard portion of this training... I mean the salami sandwich portion. We dropped the salami sandwich part. Now, let's learn the basics of inspecting a fall protection lanyard. Shall we? Continue reading

  • Alarming Miller Fall Protection Study

    In browsing the internet today, I came across some very disturbing statistics... 25% of all ALF fans are also Star Trek... wait a minute, wrong statistics. No, the study I read today was from Miller Fall Protection regarding fall protection on the job site. What I found out was disturbing. Continue reading

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