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Fall Protection

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Are you ready for a unique reading experience? Are you tired of the same old fall protection jargon? We sure are! We are pleased to announce the arrival of our brand spankin’ new monthly newsletter that is sure to tickle your funny bone and keep you in the know of the very latest in fall protection. Why should you read it? That’s an easy one silly... we plan to offer our astute newsletter subscribers: exclusive money-saving promotions, hot off the press news bits, cool tips you won’t find anywhere else, a look at some slick fall protection products, and more. You’ll laugh your harness off! So sit back, tighten your buckles, and prepare to have a blast!

dId YoU KnOw?!?
You can $ave a boatload of money when you buy fall protection kits instead of buying your gear a la carte.

Fall Protection

Gap AnchorWould you use a pressure washer to bathe your dog? Umm I don’t think so, it would blast Fido into next week! How about trimming your toenails with a chainsaw? Ouch, not a chance! So then, I think that we can agree that most jobs require specific equipment to get the task done properly and safely. Say you are working on the interior of a building and the conditions require an anchor that will fit the nearby window gap. What to do?

Simple. Dial up the Fall Protection Pros and we’ll set you up with our newest product, the Guardian GAP Anchor. This anchor was designed to tie off inside the interior of the building, door jamb, or window opening. The lightweight and fully adjustable system creates an anchor point that enables the most difficult jobs to get done safely and with confidence. Check out these great features:

* The GAP Anchor fits doorways and window openings from 24” to 51”.
* Made of lightweight aluminum and weighs only 15 pounds.
* Features secure bracing for added stability.
* Single point tie-off for one worker.
* Can be used with a Heavy Duty Edge Retractable.

As you can see, this is one cool product and we are happy to have this anchor featured on our website! Please note that we do not endorse using this product in bathroom stall doors. Nor do we suggest using your staple gun to hang drapes. Also, it wouldn’t be wise to use an ax to cut your steak.

Anywho Check out this awesome anchor while it's on SALE. Click Here To See The Gap Anchor

dId YoU kNoW?!?
If putting on your harness is a big pain in the tush, take a look at a vest harness. A vest harness goes on like a jacket and eliminates the tangled ball of webbing usually associated with harnesses.

Fall Protection

Calling all bargain shoppers, cheapskates, penny pinchers, money grubbers, tightwads, and the economically savvy....boy have we got a deal for you! For this week only! You'll be able to get the Standing Seam Roof Clamp for 10% off of our already discounted price. Yep, you heard right. Members of the Fall Out Shelter will be able to get this anchor for 22% off of our original price, so stock up today!

Use the coupon code TAKEASTAND09, and you'll be getting that Standing Seam Roof Clamp for $212.35! Take Advantage of this Sale Click Here!

dId YoU kNoW?!?
If you’re having durability issues with your web lanyards, consider trying a cable lanyard in harsh work environments.

Well folks, we’re bringing down the curtain on our first edition of The Fall Out Shelter! We hope that you have enjoyed reading our newsletter. We look forward to providing you with tasty tidbits of information about the fall protection industry throughout the year. So until next time, stay safe and we will see you in December!

Don't Forget Protection,
Fall Protection Pros.com

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