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3 Ways To Make Your Safety Meetings Fun

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

I have to admit that when I think of safety, the first words that come to mind is "boring." At times, safety can seem like a real drag. However, we all know how very important it is. So, how can we make it more enjoyable? Here are a few ideas to use at your next safety meeting to get your crew excited about safety.

1. Play Safety Trivia - What safety information is important to you and your co-workers? Put together some Q's and A's and play around the world, or play millionaire style with "Who wants to be a safety pro?" This is sure to be fun and will keep people engaged.

2. Blindfolded Safety - Can you put on your safety equipment with your eyes closed? Get a blindfold and see who can.

3. Spoon & Egg Race - If someone drops an egg, they are out of the competition. Keep playing until you have declared a winner the ultimate "safe egg keeper." As an added part of the fun, present the winner with some sort of trophy/reward. Try going to your local resale shop and picking out the ugliest/strangest trinket you can find. This can become the trophy that gets passed around at your job site when your crew gets together for this race again.

These are just a few activities to make talking about safety more enjoyable. They are also a great way to promote teamwork. Be creative and see what ideas you and your team can come up with. The important thing is to get everyone involved and to get people thinking about safety. Our main goal here at Fall Protection Pros is to keep you safe and we like to have fun with it. We hope you will too!

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