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Best of 2015 - Buckets of Safety

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

Buckets containing a complete set of fall safety gear are some of our best selling items overall. Here are the best-sellers from last year:

Super Anchor Max Fall Protection Kit is the best kit at the best price and includes everything you need to create a personal fall protection system and has a comprehensive instruction book that will make sure your crew knows what to do.

Guardian's Bucket of Safety includes all of the fall protection you need in a roofing kit that includes an anchor, a harness, and a vertical lifeline assembly. Multiple anchors plus your choice of lifeline length give you options to build the best bucket for the job.

DBI-Sala Compliance in a Can is quick and easy fall protection solution that features a full body harness, a rope lifeline with an attached lanyard, and a reusable roof anchor. Sometimes simple is best and it doesn't get any simpler than this kit.

The RKB Roofer's Kit by French Creek contains everything you need in one convenient kit! A roof anchor, a lifeline, a harness, and a bucket to keep it all in one place. The best price for the full kit you can find.

The Miller Ready Roofer Kit includes everything you need to climb up on the roof and start working safely. It includes a harness, anchor point, lanyard, and lifeline all in a waterproof bucket. The versatile, reusable roof anchor installs on steep-pitched or flat-surface roofs.

The FallTech Roofer's Kit includes everything a roofer needs to get started with fall protection, including a harness, vertical lifeline with rope grab and lanyard, a reusable roof anchor, and a bucket to carry everything in. The harness included in the kit is a FallTech Contractor Harness which includes tongue buckle leg straps, five points of adjustment, and a lanyard keeper.

The beauty of these is that it all fits in the bucket it ships in so you can easily transport and store your equipment.

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