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Bucket of Safety Review

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

Our first review here at the FPP Blog, is one of our most popular items, the Guardian Bucket of Safety. And let me tell you, we put this blasted thing through the paces. So how did this fall protection kit fare? Is the Bucket of Safety a bucket of brilliance or a bucket of crap garbage?

Bucket of Safety

Manufacturer: Guardian Fall Protection Price Range: $130 - $228

Features: What's included? (5.0) The Guardian Bucket of Safety is loaded with features by its simple nature. This is a kit with everything you need to create a single fall protection system for an individual (that would be one) worker. The kit includes a residential roof anchor of your choice, a universal harness, and your choice of a 25' or 50' vertical lifeline assembly. And it all comes in a 5 gallon bucket for easy storage and transportation. That's a pretty nice set. So, what's with the high score here? It has everything to do with the options. The option to choose between four of the most popular roof anchors (5 Snappy Anchors, 2 Reusable Anchors, 1 Temper Anchor, or 1 SP-Anchor) is nice. And the fact that you can select your lifeline length? Another plus. Most products tend to have a limited feature set, the Bucket of safety it tucked full of them.

Usability: How easy is it to use? (4.5) This is a pretty simple setup to install and to understand. It truly follows the ABC's of Fall Protection scale. The harness is a basic universal harness so that shouldn't be a problem. The anchor installation is, of course, anchor dependent, but we're talking about some pretty basic anchors here. The trickiest part about this setup is probably the lifeline assembly, but we're confident you can handle it with a quick read of the instructions. This kit lost a couple points based on the fact that there are three separate components.

Durability: How long will this last me? (4.0) We won't lie, this kit can be a workhorse, and that's why it gets a four. The plastic bucket keeps your equipment protected when it's not in use, which will keep your gear from accumulating unnecessary damage. However, there are two components working against us. First, the harness is a basic safety harness. Do I need to say more? It'll certainly be around a while, but keep an eye on it. The second issue, depending on your anchor choice, you may need to buy more anchors sooner than later. We'd always recommend buying a reusable anchor if at all possible.

Value: Is it appropriately priced? (5.0) This bucket is priced right for two reasons. One is that the upgrade to the 50' vertical lifeline model is free. That's pretty damn nice. Especially, considering that some 50' vertical lifeline assemblies cost more than this kit by themselves. The second part? If you bought all of these components separately, you'd be paying about $250 - $300. So at $130, this kit is the steal of a lifetime.


Overall: 4.6

Our Recommendation There aren't too many bad things you can say about this kit. Does it have a few minor flaws? Sure, but most products do. If you're a residential roofer looking to outfit your crew with the proper safety equipment quickly and cheaply you'd be hard pressed to find a better solution. We recommend this kit wholeheartedly. In fact we wish a couple of other kits we've reviewed had faired as well as this one did. Keep an eye out for those reviews in the coming weeks.

Have you used Guardian's Bucket of Safety? What did you think of it?

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