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Compliance in a Can Roofing Kit Review

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

Two weeks ago we took a look at the Bucket of Safety from Guardian. This week we continue in the line of fall protection roofing kits when we take an in depth look at the Protecta Compliance in a Can. How will this bucket stack up to the competition? Will it stay in compliance or will it receive a citation for inadequacy?

Compliance In A Can

Manufacturer: DBI/SALA Price Range: $190 - $240 (Scores out of 5)

Features: What's included? (3.0) The Compliance in a Can is another basic harness roofing kit. It includes an anchor, a vertical lifeline, and a basic harness all wrapped up in a single bucket. Yippee! That's where the good news ends. I'm not really impressed with the anchor options available for this kit. So much so, that we only offer one in our store. As far as the anchor is concerned, nothing to write home about. As far as the lifeline is concerned, it's nice that the kit includes a 50 ft. model, but I still enjoy the 25 ft. option provided by Guardian's. Lastly, the harness. The harness in this kit is upgradeable to a 5 point harness. The kit includes a 3 point harness. I recommend the upgrade.

Usability: How easy is it to use? (4.5) This kit, like any other roofing kit, is easy to understand and install. It is possibly the simplest system around. And if you still don't know what the hell you're doing, it comes with instructions. I wish I could elaborate more about this, but it's just so damn simple.

Durability: How long will this last me? (4.0) The Compliance in a Can bucket keeps all of your equipment safe when you're not using it. The fact that it has a case only increases the durability. However, this kit is full of basic components. You're not getting Cadillacs and Bling here, but you already knew that. A huge plus is that the anchor is reusable. So, as far as durability is concerned, it's above average. But don't expect it jump through hoops for you.

Value: Is it appropriately priced? (2.5) The big let down for this product? The price. It's hard to justify the price of this roofing kit, when there are better options available for about $60 less. If I know anything about roofers, they don't want to buy fall protection, so a higher price is not going to work. It is what it is. You must have to pay for the name on the side of the bucket, because this kit seems overpriced. ____________________________________________________

Overall: 3.5

Our Recommendation If you have used the Compliance in a Can kit for years, don't let me persuade you from using equipment that you're comfortable with. If the rest of your equipment is from DBI/SALA and you're worrying about compatibility issues, by all means, pick this kit up. My official recommendation? If you're hell bent on using DBI, go for the Compliance In a Can Kit - Light. It includes a harness and a lanyard in a bucket. Then you can get the anchor point you really need. If you're looking for an all in one solution, skip past this product and get the Guardian Bucket of Safety.

Have you used Compliance In a Can? What did you think of it?

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