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French Creek Roofer's Kit Review

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

Today we'll be reviewing the French Creek RKB Roofer's Kit.  It's not the prettiest kit in the world, but happens to be manufactured in the United States.  But is American pride enough to warrant a purchase?  Let's find out.

French Creek RKB Roofer's Kit

Manufacturer: French Creek Production Price Range: $149 - $199 (Scores out of 5)

Features: What's included? (4.5) Well, being a fall protection roofing kit, this bucket features everything you need to set up a personal fall protection system. It features a nice lightweight harness, a vertical lifeline, and your choice of anchor points. The anchor options provide flexibility and allow this kit to be customizable to any job you may have. Overall, it has everything you would expect from features in a roofing safety kit.

Usability: How easy is it to use? (5.0) The French Creek Roofing Kit is extremely easy to use. Primarily due to the fact that it is a complete simple system. It's easy to understand, therefore it's easy to use. The kit includes instructions for every component, so you shouldn't get confused. On the level of usability, let me put it this way, I wish all of our products were this easy to use.

Durability: How long will this last me? (4.5) This kit is durable. What makes it durable? Well, how about a bucket to store your gear in when it's not in use? This sure beats your equipment sliding around the back of your pickup. Most fall protection doesn't come with a carrying case. The components should stay strong, but that certainly depends on use and abuse. Want to make your kit last even longer? Get a reusable anchor with it.

Value: Is it appropriately priced? (4.6) This kit is right in the middle range of price. I can't say it's the cheapest, but it certainly isn't the most expensive either. Part of the cost comes down to the manufacturing. This kit and its components are made entirely in the U.S. Unfortunately, that is not a claim most fall protection companies can stand by. I'd pay the extra for the quality. ____________________________________________________

Overall: 4.6

Our Recommendation This is of course my opinion alone, but I would recommend this kit above all others. Why? Well, in this case the anchor options are nice, the product is made entirely in the US, and it's always available. The French Creek Bucket is always available, and even if the warehouse is empty it only takes 2-3 days build brand new kit for you. That goes a long way with me.

Have you used a French Creek Roofer's Kit? What did you think?

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