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Gear Up for Windy Work

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

If you work in the growing wind energy industry we've got gear for you.You know there are three components to any fall protection system - anchor, harness, and lifeline. The anchors are generally covered by the towers you're working on so we'll focus on harness and lifeline options.

The main thing you need to look for in a harness is the chest d-ring. In addition to the standard back d-ring, the front d gives you an attachment point that helps with positioning and climbing safely.

For close quarters climbing and positioning for install and maintenance, you'll likely need a short lanyard. Ranging in size from 18 inches to 8 feet, you can find the right length to allow you room to move without going too far. Choose the correct material - polyester web or cable (recommended for welding).

For farther ranging work you may need a retractable lifeline. There are standard single line SRL's ranging from 6-foot up to 175' covering large distances. You can even choose a dual or twin leg retractable in order to insure 100% tie-off.

So if you have the job of building and keeping those turbines in top shape we've got fall protection gear for you.


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