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OSHA Throws In The Towel

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

After years of inspecting, fining, and refining, OSHA will officially call it quits at the end of April. Faced with the sad reality that a majority of companies fail to comply with basic fall protection policy, and an increase in the number of fall-related deaths, OSHA is hanging up its boots.

This will come to a great relief to companies who've been fined in the last six months because they will no longer have to pay the government or comply with OSHA mandates. Companies are now free to disregard fall protection on their job sites and clear their expense reports of safety equipment in general.

One unnamed source from within OSHA stated they're, "frustrated as hell. Seriously, you try telling people over and over again to take care of themselves and their employees. What happens? Work related falls increase! If these people want to kill themselves... Let 'em. We're sick of being the construction world's mommy."

So, starting May 1st you can throw away your equipment, because all bets are off...

Obviously, this is an April Fool's post... It sounds ridiculous. We can all agree on that right? So why do some companies operate as if this were true? Seems pretty ridiculous doesn't it?

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