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Pearl Harbor and Fall Protection

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

On this day in history, Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941. It led to U.S. involvement in WWII, and leads me to an interesting way to think about job site safety.

On that dreadful day, 2,402 soldiers were killed, and 1,282 were injured. To put that in perspective... more people were killed on that day than live in the town I call home. Yikes!

So where is the correlation to job site safety?  It was a surprise. No one knew it was coming. Just like most workplace accidents. If we knew when accidents were coming, there wouldn't be any...

We do have an advantage though. We can defend ourselves properly. There is no substitute for the the proper equipment and learning how to use it correctly. In this regard, we can be more prepared than our fallen soldiers.

Accidents are unexpected, but we should make sure we're properly prepared.

* To all of the great soldiers who lost their lives on that fateful day... Hip, Hip.

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