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Standing Seam Roof Fall Protection

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

Do you have a standing seam roof? Do you have a flat wood roof? Are you wearing underwear right now? Hey, just pieces to the puzzle. At Fall Protection Pros we don't judge, but we do value the opportunity to get to know our readers and customers on a personal level. But rest assured, from bare butts to granny panties, we love you all!

Now, getting back to this roof situation. If you answered yes to either question #1 or #2, then golly have we got a product that you need to hear about! The Standing Seam Roof Clamp by Guardian is so versatile and easy to use that when tested out on Brittany Spears, even she was able to figure it out. So, if a blonde (or bald) woman singing out of pitch swings by your workplace, don't say we didn't warn ya!

In addition to the versatility and easy installation, the Guardian Standing Seam Roof Clamp is temporary and completely reusable. So, what does that mean to you?  Simply put, you can take it from job to job, saving you time and cash.

This clamp is designed to be used with retractable lifelines and accommodates most retractables up to 50 feet. And for those of you who like to measure in beer cans, 50 feet is equal to roughly 120 MGD’s stacked on top of each other. Keep in mind though, that you don't need to use a retractable if you don’t want to.

Equally important, this clamp allows you to rotate a full 360 degrees, so you won't be tangled up and blue. And honestly, what is worse than getting your lifeline tangled? Therefore if you are in the market for a roofing clamp with gusto, then we strongly recommend this Guardian product.

Now, back to the underwear, I am currently wearing red...

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