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Stupid Fall Protection Question Day

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

Did you know that today is actually "Ask a Stupid Question Day?"   I'm from the school of thought that there is no such thing as a stupid question, but what does this have to do with fall protection?

Too often, I think we're embarrassed to ask questions because we may be perceived as dumb. Especially, in the safety industry. Lord, knows I don't know everything. But I continue to ask questions and I continue to learn. That's why I'd like to offer you the following proposition...

You can ask me any fall protection question you'd like, and I won't think you're stupid. I may not even know the answer myself. But damn it, I will pull my resources together to find an answer. There is nothing worse than assuming. You know, it makes an "Ass" of "U" and "Me." So ask away in the comments section or give me a call @ 888-412-7289.

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