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Fall Protection Blog — Anchors

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Best of 2015 - Residential Roof Anchors

Hundreds of anchors were purchased through our website last year. Here are the top five:

Flat Out Anchoring Options

Not too long ago we had a question about using an anchor on a flat rooftop.


3M Gear is Here

Top 3M products added to our fall protection arsenal include Apache Harnesses and the Reload Self Retracting Lifelines. Check out all this great fall gear:

Keep It Loose - Non-Penetrating Anchors

Working in a situation where you can't screw or nail down anchors? We've got some options for you.

Anchors for Rooftop with Parapet Walls

If you're working on a rooftop with parapet walls and need to avoid penetration of the decking, you've got some options regarding fall protection.