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Fall Protection Blog — Archives 2009

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Alarming Miller Fall Protection Study

In browsing the internet today, I came across some very disturbing statistics... 25% of all ALF fans are also Star Trek... wait a minute, wrong statistics. No, the study I read today was from Miller Fall Protection regarding fall protection on the job site. What I found out was disturbing.

Top Residential Roofing Safety Products

Well, here we are with the first of many Top whatever lists. For your information, I don't want to pigeonhole myself into one number in particular. I don't want to be the number 10's bitch manservant. This week we just happen to have a top 8 list.

But first, a quick disclosure. This list may be updated in the future, but as things stand right now, this is what I feel are the best products available today. These have been unscientifically ranked by the following qualifications: Bang For Your Buck, Ease of Use, Cuteness, and Reliability. So here we go, the Top 8 Residential Roofing Safety Products...

Find a Metal Roof Anchor for Fall Protection

In a recent phone conversation, I spoke with a guy who was looking for fall protection anchors for several metal roofs. What did I tell him? Well, first I told him that I'd have to call him back because I was trying to get the wrapper off of my Laffy Taffy at the time... When I called him back I found out that his situation was quite common. What is the best metal roof anchor to buy?

Not an easy question to answer, but with my somewhat elevated intelligence, I think I've cracked the code. My answer? It depends... on a couple of crucial factors such as reusability, metal roof type, astrological sign, etc...

Air Conditioner Fall Protection Fail

Check out these idiots installing an air conditioner on the top floor of an apartment building without fall protection. They even have a damn ladder on the ledge. I soiled my pants just thinking about this. Yikes. Photo Submitted By Jesse S