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Fall Protection Blog — Archives 2009

Fall Protection News, Tips, How To's, and Videos

Can Fall Protection Be Sexy?

Is there really such a thing as a sexy harness?  Well yeah!  For me, it goes right along with that “man in a uniform” idea. 

Basic Fall Protection Definitions According to OSHA

Did you know that OSHA has definitions for fall protection? Well, they do. And actually, they 're really the definitive definitions. If that makes sense.  So, we thought we'd start you off by introducing you to some basic terminology...

What's With Dual Leg Lanyards?

Hey, what's the big deal with dual leg lanyards?  Did you know that dual leg lanyards can increase safety and provide increased mobility?  But how?   Enough questions, let's go over what's so special about dual leg lanyards.

Classic Holiday Falls

Cast your vote for your favorite “holiday fall” from some great Christmas movies.

General Lanyard Regulations To Know

In our series of brief introductions to the policies and guidelines from OSHA and ANSI... That sounds like it could be a kid's show doesn't it?

(Cue: Announcer Voice) "And now get ready for another crazy adventure with OSHA & ANSI in the Land of Lanyards!"

Here's what the have to say...