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Fall Protection Blog — Archives 2010

Fall Protection News, Tips, How To's, and Videos

Great Roof Anchors For Existing Construction

Roof anchors are divided into two camps... anchors that are great for new construction and those that are awesome for existing construction. Today, we'll be discussing the latter because quite frankly it can be pretty difficult to find a decent anchor for existing roofs.

Top 10 Miller Fall Protection Products

We triumphantly return with a brand new issue of the top ten list for the new year. The first list of the year? The Top 10 Miller Fall Protection Products as determined by me... Did your favorite product make the list? Check it out.

Snap Hooks and OSHA

Hey, let's jump back on the OSHA bandwagon and see what those crazy guys have to say about snap hooks. Sure, most of us take them for granted, but there are some very important tidbits to learn.

December OSHA Fines

One of the things I don't really cover on this blog is the day to day distribution of OSHA fines. It feels too much like the paparazzi for me, but I still think we can learn a few things from them.  The fines, not the paparazzi.

Construction Awesomeness

It's officially the first Monday of the new year, and I thought a couple of videos would help us start the year off right.