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Fall Protection Blog — Archives 2010

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Can You Write On Your Harness?

For those of you looking to write on your harnesses, you'll want to take a look at some of these guidelines before you write your next novel on the shoulder strap.

Can You Wash Your Harness?

The subject of washing safety harnesses comes up from time to time by our sweatiest visitors. Can you wash your harness? Well can you?

The Mystery of Safety Harness Buckles

Surprisingly, the buckles on a harness can be one of the determining factors on how easy a harness is to put on.  So, I thought I'd blow your minds with the skinny on the three most common buckle types available.  Get ready to choose wisely.

Fall Protection Fail: The Rico Suave Ladder

Is this guy trying to pick up chicks on this ladder?  Seriously, I'm pretty sure you should be facing the ladder and not casually walking up it like a set of stairs.

P.S.  Your pony tail is not a lanyard.

Using A Retractable Lifeline Permanently?

I've been getting some questions recently about using retractables permanently. While this isn't an ideal situation, mainly because of the cost of retractables, it's still required from time to time.