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Fall Protection Blog — Archives 2011

Fall Protection News, Tips, How To's, and Videos

Harness Inspection Tags

If you've got some funny little tags hanging off your harness, that's a good thing. Now, what the heck do they mean? Are they inspection tags or manufacturer's tags?

Tying Off At Your Feet

One of the things commonly overlooked is equipment you need when tying off at foot level. Especially when it comes to connectors.

Over Crossing a Cross Arm Strap

In most cases, over-wrapping is a bad thing. Christmas presents, Mummies, Eminem… whoops, wrong rapping. However, in the case of cross arm straps, over-wrapping can be a good thing. Learn how.

How Rope Grabs Work

A couple of months ago we talked about how a vertical lifeline works, but we really didn't address one of the most important components of these systems. The Rope Grab.

Fall Protection and Truck Maintenance

Throughout the last year we got several questions about establishing a fall protection system for workers maintaining various large trucks. Think garbage or other utility vehicles.