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Fall Protection Blog — Archives 2013

Fall Protection News, Tips, How To's, and Videos

Gear Up for Windy Work

If you work in the growing wind energy industry we've got gear for you.

Ultimate Harness Shelf-life Guide

We often get asked the question "When do I need to get rid of my harness"?

Simple Tips for Working High

OSHA has a pretty comprehensive fall prevention campaign going. They've got big picture guidelines for overall safety at heights. I'd like to share a few simple thoughts on what you can do personally to stay safe while working up high.

Anchors for Rooftop with Parapet Walls

If you're working on a rooftop with parapet walls and need to avoid penetration of the decking, you've got some options regarding fall protection.

Let's Get Horizontal

If you are looking to cover a large area of work and find connecting and re-connecting to your anchor points to be tedious, you should get horizontal - use a Horizontal Lifeline System. HLLs offer simple complete protection for big jobs at heights.