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Fall Protection Blog — Archives 2014

Fall Protection News, Tips, How To's, and Videos

Buckets Saving Lives

With all the attention that ice bucket challenges are getting right now, seems like an opportunity to talk about our best selling bucket - the Super Anchor Max Protection Kit.

Having Fun During Serious Work

Play Ball! Words heard across North America the past few weeks as a herald of spring.

Keep It Loose - Non-Penetrating Anchors

Working in a situation where you can't screw or nail down anchors? We've got some options for you.

Safe Approach Added to the Ranks

We're happy to announce that we've added four Safe Approach anchors to our ranks.

Upgraded Harness Getting the Job Done

Not that long ago a customer called in and ordered some Miller accessories for his new Revolution harness. He is a scaffold builder that previously used the ExoFit exclusively. But he switched to Miller