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Fall Protection Fail: The Rico Suave Ladder

Is this guy trying to pick up chicks on this ladder?  Seriously, I'm pretty sure you should be facing the ladder and not casually walking up it like a set of stairs.

P.S.  Your pony tail is not a lanyard.

Fall Protection Fail #3

Another fine example of a fall protection fail from the fine folks in Panama. Way to reset the "days without an accident" tracker.

Fall Protecton Fail Reminder...

It was on this day in 1888 that the name "Kodak" was trademarked. In that moment George Eastman made photographers out of all us with handheld cameras. That's where you come in...

Painting Fall Protection Fail

Look at this dude, painting like a pro.  Sure, he doesn't have fall protection, no biggie.  I mean it's not like he's on the top floor or anything.  Oh wait, he is.  My bad.  To get a better idea of how obscenely dangerous this is, take a look at the far shot.  Um...

Air Conditioner Fall Protection Fail

Check out these idiots installing an air conditioner on the top floor of an apartment building without fall protection. They even have a damn ladder on the ledge. I soiled my pants just thinking about this. Yikes. Photo Submitted By Jesse S