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Fall Protection Blog — Harnesses

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Thoughts on Harness Quality

Harness quality can be a big issue with some individuals, and with others eh, not such a big deal. Here are a couple of talking points to keep in mind.

Sizing Your Safety Harness

One of the most important aspects of buying a harness is the the size. A harness that doesn’t fit properly can cause a lot of damage... even death. Let’s take a look at how we can prevent this.

Safety Harness Belts and Other Accessories

I’d like to go over some common safety harness accessories. Specifically belts, padding, and lanyard keepers. Learn how these accessories work, and if they can help you.

Harness Inspection Tags

If you've got some funny little tags hanging off your harness, that's a good thing. Now, what the heck do they mean? Are they inspection tags or manufacturer's tags?

Tool Bags and Harnesses

It can be tricky adding a tool bag into the mix when it comes to fall protection. We've got an easy solution.