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Over Crossing a Cross Arm Strap

In most cases, over-wrapping is a bad thing. Christmas presents, Mummies, Eminem… whoops, wrong rapping. However, in the case of cross arm straps, over-wrapping can be a good thing. Learn how.

How Rope Grabs Work

A couple of months ago we talked about how a vertical lifeline works, but we really didn't address one of the most important components of these systems. The Rope Grab.

Inspecting Your Retractables

As I'm sure you're aware. It is important to inspect all of your equipment before each use. Hey, it's your life. So one of the things commonly asked from us is how do you properly inspect your retractable.

Can You Wash Your Harness?

The subject of washing safety harnesses comes up from time to time by our sweatiest visitors. Can you wash your harness? Well can you?

Avoiding Panic and Fall Protection

Yesterday was Panic Day. If there was ever a day of the year to panic it was yesterday. If you feel the need to panic today... Tough, wait until next year. In the world of fall protection, panic may be looming right around the corner, especially if you're unprepared. So here are a couple of tips to dilute your panic and make sure you're ready for anything.