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Fall Protection Blog — Inspection

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Ultimate Harness Shelf-life Guide

We often get asked the question "When do I need to get rid of my harness"?

Harness Inspection Tags

If you've got some funny little tags hanging off your harness, that's a good thing. Now, what the heck do they mean? Are they inspection tags or manufacturer's tags?

Inspecting Your Retractables

As I'm sure you're aware. It is important to inspect all of your equipment before each use. Hey, it's your life. So one of the things commonly asked from us is how do you properly inspect your retractable.

Retractable Re-Certification

Every month it seems that retractable lifelines become more and more popular. Hell, they've got about fifteen thousand nicknames... retractables, srl's, yo-yos, blocks, man leashes... I made the last one up.

Fall Protection Records

The Olympics are over. Records were set and recorded. Which reminds me... Have you been keeping track of your fall protection records? Did you know that OSHA can fine you for not keeping track of inspection records? Well, they can, and they will.

For some reason, OSHA doesn't buy the... "Oh yeah, we inspect these all the time" bit without documentation. And in most cases, it is not something you can fake. When they ask you for your records you better have them... quickly (cocktail napkins don't count).

Look, I trust that you're taking the time to inspect your gear on a daily basis, and something a bit more formal twice a year, but if you don't keep up with it... it never happened.

Don't make your inspections a waste of time. Make sure you're recording them.