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Fall Protection Questions

One of the biggest mistake users of fall protection equipment can make is assuming. Don't do it. You know what assuming does! It makes a complete fool out of you... and only you.

Comfortable Harness

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure to work with a fella by the name of Will. Will was looking for a harness with very specific components. I was able to find Will the harness he was looking for, and when he received it, he sent me a picture.

OSHA Throws In The Towel

After years of inspecting, fining, and refining, OSHA will officially call it quits at the end of April. Faced with the sad reality that a majority of companies fail to comply with basic fall protection policy, and an increase in the number of fall-related deaths, OSHA is hanging up its boots.

Fall Protection Is A Tool

Hey everyone!  Happy Worship of Tools Day!   It's on this day that we embrace our manliness and worship tools. Seriously, dating back to the wooden club, men have loved tools.

Unfortunately, most people don't think of fall protection as a tool.  But by changing the way you think about fall protection you may change your idea of safety equipment.

Cracker Jack Fall Protection

It was on this day in history that Crack Jack inserted a prize into their box for the first time in 1913. It was probably a plastic bookmark that no one liked but oh, well. Well, we're going to try something similar this weekend.

Here's the deal. If you spend $400 on Miller Fall Protection products. We'll send you a $50 harness for free. Yep for free.

Eat that CrackerJacks!