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Fall Protection Blog — Rescue

Fall Protection News, Tips, How To's, and Videos

3M Gear is Here

Top 3M products added to our fall protection arsenal include Apache Harnesses and the Reload Self Retracting Lifelines. Check out all this great fall gear:

New DuraHoist Products!

We've added some new products to our online store in the past weeks and I thought you should know about them. Therefore, I will introduce them to you.

We recently added a full selection of Miller DuraHoist products. This equipment primarily consists of confined space gear, but it's got a few treats in there as well.

You Shall Be Saved: Rescue Equipment

Rescue equipment has really been making waves in the fall protection world in the last year or so. Which has lead to a fair amount of rescue gear confusion. Like... "Do I have to rescue someone if they're a dick."   "What if he slept with my wife?" Um, let's clear up some of the confusion.

Fall Protection Applications

Did you know that there's more than one way to use fall protection? Sure, we talk about fall protection harnesses and roof anchors here a lot, but there are other ways to use fall protection products. I came up with five to be exact. The beauty is that by learning about other fall protection applications, you'll be in a better position to handle and eliminate fall hazards. Find out the applications you may be missing.