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Fall Protection Blog — Retractable Lifelines

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Best of 2015 - Retractables

Choosing a lifeline for maximum mobility without having to mess around with line length and where it lies, you go with a self-retracting lifeline. Here are the 2015 best-selling retractables from our top brands:

3M Gear is Here

Top 3M products added to our fall protection arsenal include Apache Harnesses and the Reload Self Retracting Lifelines. Check out all this great fall gear:

Putting the Easy into Horizontal Lifelines

Depending on the length of the system, typical Horizontal Lifeline Systems or HLL's can be a pain to set up.  It takes at least 2 people to set up to make sure there are no twists or tangles. Taking it down is no easy chore either. Trying to make it wrap in a neat circle. Making sure you get it compact enough for easier storage. Undoing cable clamps and or trying to get it to release tension. There's gotta be an easier way.

Tying Off At Your Feet

One of the things commonly overlooked is equipment you need when tying off at foot level. Especially when it comes to connectors.

Inspecting Your Retractables

As I'm sure you're aware. It is important to inspect all of your equipment before each use. Hey, it's your life. So one of the things commonly asked from us is how do you properly inspect your retractable.