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Medal Winning Harnesses

Did you know that today is the anniversary of the 1st Olympics?   That would be the modern Olympics. Not the Greek Olympics from ions ago when dudes wrestled naked against... I digress.

With the Olympics, we were introduced to the scoring of gold, silver, and bronze medals. Which got me thinking about harnesses

The Safety Harness NEX Door

Calling all those still looking for a top-notch harness, may we suggest... the DBI-SALA Exofit NEX Universal Harness. As far as harnesses go, this baby is flawless.

Your Door Jamb and You

One of the most popular anchors we carry is the door jamb anchor from French Creek. So I thought I'd give you a little overview of this handy anchor point and a couple of his cousins.

DBI-SALA D-Ring Anchor Plate Review

Today we'll be reviewing the DBI-SALA D-Ring Anchor Plate . It's a fairly inexpensive anchor solution with very little flare, but does the bare bones presentation lead to a purchase.  Let's find out.

French Creek Roofer's Kit Review

Today we'll be reviewing the French Creek RKB Roofer's Kit.  It's not the prettiest kit in the world, but happens to be manufactured in the United States.  But is American pride enough to warrant a purchase?  Let's find out.