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Edge Series Harness Review

Today we'll be reviewing the Guardian Edge Series Harness. It's perched high atop the harness food chain, but is it really worth it? It looks pretty. It feels pretty. But will this be the 1st harness I reach for when I get down to business?

Compliance in a Can Roofing Kit Review

Two weeks ago we took a look at the Bucket of Safety from Guardian. This week we continue in the line of fall protection roofing kits when we take an in depth look at the Protecta Compliance in a Can. How will this bucket stack up to the competition? Will it stay in compliance or will it receive a citation for inadequacy?

Bucket of Safety Review

Our first review here at the FPP Blog, is one of our most popular items, the Guardian Bucket of Safety. And let me tell you, we put this blasted thing through the paces. So how did this fall protection kit fare? Is the Bucket of Safety a bucket of brilliance or a bucket of crap garbage?