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Fall Protection Blog — Top 10

Fall Protection News, Tips, How To's, and Videos

Best of 2015 - Residential Roof Anchors

Hundreds of anchors were purchased through our website last year. Here are the top five:

Harnesses to Help Shoulder the Load

Depending on the job you're doing and how often you're doing it you probably need a basic harness. If you've got to wear fall protection all day it can be a real pain in the ...

Top 10 Miller Fall Protection Products

We triumphantly return with a brand new issue of the top ten list for the new year. The first list of the year? The Top 10 Miller Fall Protection Products as determined by me... Did your favorite product make the list? Check it out.

Top 10 Fall Protection Lanyards

Hello. We're back again with another top 10 list. This time we'll be ranking the Top 10 fall protection lanyards. We'll tell you what's nice about each one. Did your favorite lanyard make the list? Check and see.

Top 8 Reasons the Fall Season Brings New Fall Dangers

We are fully engulfed in fall, and a lot of you are still working. Whether you're cleaning your gutters or installing a new roof the fall season brings its fair share of new hazards.