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Fall Protection Blog — Videos

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Miller Falcon Commercial

Every so often we like to create a commercial for our website. It usually includes a product we carry, and we try to make it funny. This time is no exception.

Want to find out how tough the Miller Falcon Retractable is? Then watch the video below. It'll blow your mind.

Falcon Review Video

Hey there! Welcome to February. In case you missed it because you don't comb every single acre of our online store, we've got a brand new video review for you.

Yep, we shot a video taking a look at some of the great features on the Miller Falcon Retractable. You know, like its tough shell, the swivel shackle... what the hell am I doing? Just watch the video...

Construction Awesomeness

It's officially the first Monday of the new year, and I thought a couple of videos would help us start the year off right.

Scary Safety Videos

Happy Day before Halloween! Officially called, "Oh Crap! I better get some candy day," in my house. Anywho, I wanted to share with you a couple of truly disturbing safety videos for Halloween. Don't worry, you won't see anyone's head getting chopped off, but you may urinate yourself.

Fall Protection Training Basics Video

Check out our first fall protection training video. In this video, we cover the basics in a fresh new way. So, if you're tired of ridiculously boring and out of date training videos. Give this one a try. And if you've got a safety manager that's looking for new material, pass this video along. And now onto your feature presentation.