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Top 10 Fall Protection Lanyards

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

Hello. We're back again with another top 10 list. This time we'll be ranking the Top 10 fall protection lanyards. We'll tell you what's nice about each one. Did your favorite lanyard make the list? Check and see.

10. DBI/SALA Retrax Lanyard - The EZ Stop Retrax is a shock absorbing lanyard that retracts automatically to fit the working area while keeping the lanyard taut and close to the body at all times, reducing trip fall hazards. It's like a mini retractable with all the power you'd expect from a full-blown lanyard.

9. French Creek Welding Lanyard - French Creek's Welding Lanyard is an extremely versatile 6' shock absorbing device that is made of heat and flame resistant Kevlar. There is something extremely comforting when a lanyard is made of kevlar. It doesn't get much stronger than that.

8. Guardian Internal Shock Lanyards - The lightweight Internal Shock safety Lanyard does not include a shock pack and instead uses a polyester core to reduce impact forces. This lanyard is super lightweight and super cheap. A great value for even the most discriminating construction workers.

7. French Creek Cable Lanyard - This 6' shock absorbing wire rope lanyard by French Creek is constructed of high-strength vinyl coated wire rope. If you work in an environment where you're lanyards take a ton of abuse, think about this guy.

6. Miller Manyard II - The Miller Manyard II is a stretch lanyard that reduces tripping, snagging, and dragging while the heavy-duty outer jacket serves as a backup lanyard. This is the classic. I could make a joke about the word "Manyard" here, but I won't.

5. DBI/SALA Shockwave 2 Tie Back Lanyard - The Shockwave 2 Tie Back Lanyard combines a lanyard and anchor point in one and provides a stretchable design that reduces fall hazards. It's an anchor and stretch lanyard in one. That is one hell of a pairing. I like it!

4. Guardian Tiger Tail Lanyard - The Tiger Tail Stretch Lanyard stretches like a regular stretch lanyard to reduce tripping hazards and includes a shock pack to reduce fall forces on your body. It's got a cool name, what can I say?

3. Guardian Heavy Duty Lanyard - The Big Boss Shock Lanyard is ideal for fall protection systems where no overhead anchorage point is available and workers must tie off at their feet. The versatility and strength of this harness make it a must buy.

2. French Creek Stretch Lanyard - The 6' elastic shock absorbing web lanyard by French Creek is constructed of high strength webbing and stretches and contracts to minimize snagging and tripping hazards. This is the best-priced stretch lanyard around, and I like when things are cheap.

1. Guardian Shock Absorbing Lanyard - The Shock Absorbing Lanyard from Guardian features 1" nylon webbing with self locking hooks, and a clear shock pack for easy inspection. Well, it's the basics that really count. This lanyard is as basic as they come, but it's priced right and gets the job done.

What do you think? Did I miss a great lanyard? State your case below.

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