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Top 10 Miller Fall Protection Products

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

We triumphantly return with a brand new issue of the top ten list for the new year. The first list of the year? The Top 10 Miller Fall Protection Products as determined by me... Did your favorite product make the list? Check it out.

10 - Miller HP Harness - This is a great harness. It's not a bare bones basic harness and it's not overflowing with options. The price is right for a great all-around harness.

9 - Miller Black Rhino - This mini dynamo packs in 9 ft. of stainless steel cable. It's rare to find a short length stainless steel retractable, but the Black Rhino delivers.

8 - Miller Back Biter - This Marv Albert inspired lanyard (kidding) combines the stability of an anchor point and the flexibility of a connector in one money saving piece of equipment.

7 - Miller Mightylite - This behemoth makes the list primarily because of its extraordinary length options. There's something special about being able to buy a 130 ft. galvanized steel cable retractable.

6 - Miller Duraflex Python Ultra XXXL - You really can't go wrong with a durable harness, especially one designed for the XXXL worker. It's nice to have an option for everyone.

5 - Miller Manyard - This awkwardly named lanyard conjures up thoughts of dudes in straps, but that doesn't mean it didn't change the lanyard market when it was introduced. Stretchy and shock absorbing... a nice combo.

4 - Miller Techline - This 30' or 60' rope lifeline gets rid of a hell of a lot of guess work by offering one and two person systems. And it's priced very competitively.

3 - Miller TurboLite - Combine the benefits of a lanyard and a retractable in one and you have a 6 ft. piece of engineering brilliance. Keep an eye out for the twin turbo which we'll be adding to the store in the near future.

2 - Miller Revolution Harness - The Cadillac of harnesses is on this list at #2. Are you surprised? I didn't think so. This is one of the first harnesses to provide that tricky thing called comfort. Thank you harness.

1 - Miller Falcon Retractable - I believe that the durability of the Falcon retractable makes this product the best Miller product by far. Hell, I've seen people run this thing over with a van.

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