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Top Fall Protection Products For Steel Erectors

Posted by Doug Kotecki on

In our second top 10 list, we actually have ten items that met the qualifications to be considered the best fall protection equipment for steel erection. Some selections may surprise you, but there is no doubt in my mind that these are some of the greatest safety products for you erectors out there. Drumroll please...

10. Nomex Revolution Harness - The Nomex Revolution Harness from Miller Fall Protection offers increased durability for harsh work environments. And for those of you that think steel erectors don't have a harsh work environment, you probably have brain damage. You may want to get that checked out. Oh, and this harness is pretty damn comfortable as well.

9. Cable Lifeline System - You can get cable lifelines from a couple of manufacturers, including Guardian and Miller. A cable lifeline, especially when used with a product like the Guardian Beamguard, can save you a lot of time on the job site. And the steel cable is sure to remain durable. If you can figure out a way to get this system on your next job, don't hesitate.

8. Beamguard - Guardian's Beamguard offers three very unique qualities. One, it can be used to create a horizontal lifeline system (Something most beam anchors are incapable of). Two, it doesn't obstruct the beam you're working on. Three, it has a name that sounds like a prophylactic. Nuff said.  This thing is durable, dependable, and 99.9% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies.

7. Girder Anchor - French Creek makes this kick ass girder anchor. I have no doubt that this thing would really come in handy for steel erectors. After all, it can be operated with one hand. Seriously, it doesn't get much easier than this. Find a hole, and stick it in. This guy is a beam whore, and he's reusable, so you can keep sticking him in holes, as long as you'd like.

6. Falcon Retractable - Retractable lifelines go very well with steel construction. They're like Tango and Cash. The Miller Falcon SRL is a great option. It comes in a wide variety of lengths and is available with galvanized and stainless steel cable lifelines. This thing will stop you faster than you can say, "Oh, crap I'm falling agai...."

5. Sliding Beam Anchor - Sliding beam anchors are everywhere. The concept is simple. Your anchor fits over your flange and rolls with you as you move. It's easy to install, operate, and remove. It's a classic. This French Creek model has a great price. This may very well be the most popular type of beam anchor around, but it's not the Cadillac.

4. Vertical Beamer - Sure, beam anchors are a dime a dozen, but those all work on the top or bottom flange of a steel beam. What if you've got a diagonal or vertical steel beam? I can tell you that a sliding beam anchor isn't worth a hill of beans. Guardian's vertical beam gets the 4th spot because of its uniqueness and versatility. This anchor can get you out of a pinch.

3. Shockwave Tie Back Lanyard - Looking to save money? Look no further. Tie back lanyards are very nice on the wallet. Why? Because if you've got a tie back lanyard, you eliminate the need for a separate anchor and lanyard. Two become one, and what God has brought together none shall tear apart. Heck the DBI/SALA Shockwave Tie Back Lanyard even stretches so you don't trip over your gear. This thing is a workhorse, just tie it around your beam and "boom" you're set to go.

2. Monster Edge Heavy Duty 5' Lanyard - The Monster Edge is designed to be used with beam anchors when tying off at your feet. The 5 ft. makes up the distance you lose by not tying off overhead, and it's got so much shock absorption you'll blush. This thing will catch you fast. Therefore, I think this is a great solution anytime you're working with steel construction. It doesn't hurt to stop quicker.

1. Beamer 2000 - The coolest and most elegantly designed steel beam anchor, the Guardian Beamer 2000, turns heads and saves lives. I love this product. You can operate it with one hand, it glides smoothly across a beam, and it resists welding splatter. Do I need to say anything else? I didn't think so. But I will.  It's a great reusable product, deserving of the top spot.

So there you have it the best fall protection equipment for steel erectors. Disagree? Want to fight about it? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section.

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