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DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Self Retracting Lifeline

Part Number: 3101228
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The DBI-SALA Nano-Lok is a lightweight and compact retractable lifeline designed to replace your standard lanyards and stops workers within inches.

* Versatile Installation
The Nano-Lok Retractable installs directly to the web of your dorsal d-ring. This allows your guys to keep their d-rings free for other equipment and rescue gear that may want to get intimate with your harness.

* Retractable Lanyard
This retractable is designed to be a comparable replacement for standard lanyards, with one big advantage… The Nano-Lok keeps your lifeline snug so you're not tripping over the excess line. Your work is hard enough, you shouldn't have to fight with your gear along the way.

* Swiveling Anchorage Loop
The swiveling anchorage loop of the Nano-Lok swivels, imagine that. This allows you to move around freely without twisting your line and putting delays on production. No one should be tangled up on a job site.

* Strong, Impact-Resistant Housing
This DBI-SALA Retractable Lifeline features a strong and durable housing that resists impact and can handle its fair share of abuse. Can an elephant walk on it? Probably not. If one did, it would probably cry a little.

* Quick Reaction Time
The Nano-Lok stops a worker within inches and reduces the arresting forces on the body to 900 lbs. or less. May your next fall be a pleasant one!

* Light and Compact
DBI-SALA touts this retractable as the lightest and most compact retractable on the market in its class. Is it true? Let's just say that any retractable under 2 lbs. is pretty damn light and compact.

* 420 lb. Weight Capacity
The DBI-Sala Nano-Lok offers a 420 Lb. weight capacity, letting the the heaviest guys on the job get in on the action. Or the big boned guys, whichever you prefer.

* Impact Indicator
The DBI-SALA Nano-Lok features a shock absorbing web pack with an impact indicator that lets you know for sure when this unit has been in a fall and needs to be replaced. Take the guesswork out of your inspections, and make sure your crew has functioning equipment.

* iSafe Equipped
If you're currently using the iSafe system, this retractable is all set to play nice with your equipment so you can keep track of your gear and inspections at any time.

** Meets or Exceeds All Applicable Fall Protection Standards.

SpecificationsTechnical Specs
Part Number: 3101228
Boot Cover:No
Lanyard Hooks:Snap Hook
Lanyard Legs:Single Leg
Length:6 ft.
Lifeline Material:Polyester Webbing
Maximum Work Load:420 lbs.
OSHA Standards: Meets All Applicable

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