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Miller Twin TurboLite Personal Fall Limiter w/ G2 Connector & Aluminum Rebar Hooks- 9 ft.

Part Number: MFLC-12-Z7/9FT

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Miller Twin TurboLite Personal Fall Limiter w/ G2 Connector & Aluminum Rebar Hooks- 9 ft.
Part Number: MFLC-12-Z7/9FT

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The 9 ft. Miller Twin TurboLite Fall Limiter with aluminum rebar hooks is an affordable alternative to a shock absorbing lanyard and provides dual web legs for 100% Tie-Off.
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Product Description

* 9 ft. of Working Length
This TurboLite Retractable includes 9 ft. of abrasion resistant webbing to give you an edge over conventional shock-absorbing lanyards and increase durability.

* Reduces Fall Clearance Requirements
The Miller 9 ft. TurboLite has a MAX arrest distance of 24 inches so you can work in tighter spaces with maximum protection. That just sounded dirty.

100% Tie-Off
The dual leg nature of this fall limiter allows you to be tied-off 100% off the time, which comes in handy when moving from one anchor point to another.

* Compact & Lightweight
This handy personal fall limiter is extremely compact and lightweight, so it’s easier to handle and carry on your back all day. The worst part about wearing a leash is remembering that you’re wearing one.

* G2 Connector
The G2 Connector allows you to attach this retractable system directly to your harness, leaving your D-ring free for rescue and connection to an overhead SRL.

* High Impact Housing
The high impact housing of the TurboLite is up for any durability challenge and is bound to be on your crew for a while.

* Integrated Swivel
Getting tangled in your lifeline sucks unless you’re MacGyver. That’s why this fall limiter includes an integrated swivel shackle that keeps you moving freely throughout the day.

* Aluminum Rebar Hooks
This device includes aluminum rebar hooks to reduce weight and resist corrosion.

** Rated for up to a 400 lb. worker.

** Meets all applicable OSHA Standards.

** This TurboLite Retractable is rated ANSI Z359.14 Compliant

** Due to the "made to order" nature of the product, this item is NOT returnable.
Technical Specs

Technical Specs

Part # MFLC-12-Z7/9FT
Weight 6.6 lbs.
Manufacturer Miller
Applicable Standards OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502, ANSI A10.32, ANSI Z359.14
Lifeline Material Polyester Webbing
Length 9 ft.
Maximum Work Load 400 lbs.
Re-Certifcation None
Lanyard Legs Double Leg
Lanyard Hooks Aluminum Rebar Hook
Carabiner No
Swivel Shackle Yes
Boot Cover No

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