Guardian Camouflage Construction Vest Harness (Discontinued)

Part Number: 03010

Size: Medium
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The Guardian Camoflage Construction Vest Harness puts a universal harness into a comfortable no-tangle solution that features durable cotton duck material and hide-away leg straps.
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* No Tangle Design
If you've ever looked like an idiot putting on a safety harness, the Construction Vest Harness from Guardian may be for you. The harness is built directly into the vest and it slides on like your favorite jacket. The only thing you need to do is fasten the leg straps. Don't let your crew waste anymore precious time fiddling with their harnesses.

* Notched Buckles
The notched pass-thru buckles on the Camouflage Vest Harness allow you to fasten your buckles quickly and without all of the twisting that usually occurs with pass-thru and mating buckles. Save the twisting for your Aunt Mildred's retirement party.

* Camouflage
This Construction Vest Harness is invisible… or rather Camouflaged. This is a great option for hunters in tree stands or the outdoorsmen on your work crew. Either way, they'll look cool and they'll thank you later.

* Durable Duck Material
The Duck Construction Vest Harness employs durable and comfortable cotton duck material to withstand the toughest job-sites. Since you won't be replacing it as frequently, you'll have more money to spend on other things.

* Sturdy Zipper
The Vest Harness has a durable zipper that can handle daily abuse with a smile. This is a durable zipper for a beefy harness. If you want a wimpy zipper, we suggest you start shopping for ladies' purses.

* Leg Strap Storage
The leg straps of the Vest Harness zip into the back of the harness for easy storage when not in use. This allows your guys to comfortably wear this vest harness even when they're not working up high.

* Side Positioning D-Rings
The Vest Harness features dorsal and side positioning D-rings as standard options. The side positioning d-rings work perfectly with approved positioning devices like a rebar assembly chain to provide your guys with two free hands to work.

* Impact Indicator
The Guardian Construction Vest Harness includes an impact indicator to let you know if the harness has been involved in a fall, giving you a clear indication that the harness should be removed from service. This is a handy feature that speeds up inspections and takes the guesswork out of your employees hands.

* Inspection Log Tag
Once the harness has been inspected, this vest harness supplies an inspection log tag directly on the harness. This tag allows you to record the last time the harness was inspected to help keep your records up to date and compliant. I could honestly use one of these in almost every facet of my life.

* Washable
This harness features washable materials so there is no reason to smell like a dirty animal on the job site. ** Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA Standards

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Part Number: 03010
Chest Buckle:Pass Thru Buckle
Chest D-Ring:No
Dorsal D-Ring:Yes
Harness Belt:No
Harness Webbing:Polyester
Lanyard Keepers:No
Leg Buckles: Pass Thru Buckles
OSHA Standards: Meets All Applicable
Rescue Loops:No
Shoulder D-Rings:No
Shoulder Padding:No
Side D-Rings: Yes
Waist Buckle:None
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