Guardian Velocity Positioning Harness w/ Tongue Buckles (Discontinued)

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The Guardian Positioning Harness with Tongue Buckle Legs and Side D-Rings is a basic economy harness with 5 points of adjustment and a back placard for increased comfort.
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** This product has been discontinued and replaced with the Guardian Series 1 Positioning Harness w/ Tongue Buckles

* Low Cost Solution
The Guardian Velocity Positioning Harness is a comfortable low cost harness solution that allows you to keep your workers safe and OSHA compliant without eating a hole in your pocket book. That's what kids are for. P.S. There is nothing funny about saving money. I repeat. Nothing.

* Fully Adjustable
The chest, shoulder, and leg straps on this harness can all be adjusted to fit a wide range of workers and give you the flexibility you need to finish your job. Whether you've got Pudgy Paul or Anorexic Andy, you'll save money knowing this harness will work for both of them. Just make sure they're not wearing it at the same time, that would be uncomfortable for the people they work with.

* Tangle Free
The back placard on this harness keeps the webbing from tangling like a chubby guy in a jump rope. The placard rests comfortably on your back and makes the harness easier to put on. This harness may actually reduce the number complaints in the suggestion box next month.

* Non-Fraying Ends
The Velocity Harness includes finished web ends to prevent your harnesses from fraying and keeps a clean professional look on the job site. Just because this harness is inexpensive, you don't have to scrimp on quality features.

* Damage Indicator
One of the best features you can have on a harness is a damage indicator. The Velocity harness features a red web core that provides a visual warning that the webbing has been damaged and should be removed from service. This takes all of the guess work out of inspecting the webbing of your harness, freeing your time for more important projects. It's like the nob that pops out of the turkey's chest at Thanksgiving (except this load indicator is accurate).

* Tongue Buckles
If you know how to buckle a belt, you should be able to adjust the leg strap on this harness. If you don't know how to buckle a belt... Welcome to our planet.

* Positioning Side D-Rings
This positioning harness includes two side d-rings designed to be used with approved work positioning systems such as rebar chain assemblies. When used properly, these D-rings offer your crew two free hands to tackle the job at hand. Now you can be as flexible on the job as you are at home playing Twister with Uncle Chet.

* Dual Lanyard Keepers
The dual lanyard keepers on the shoulder straps of this harness allow you to keep your lanyards from dragging and snagging on the ground when you're not using them. Imagine the guys that attach a chain to their wallet. It's like that.

* Identification Label
The Velocity Harness features a special identification label that allows employees to personalize their harness without compromising the integrity of the harness webbing. Now Roscoe can write his name on the harness and surround it with flowers and stars so you know to keep your grubby hands off it.

** Meets or Exceeds all applicable OSHA Standards for Safety Harnesses

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Part Number: 01705
Chest Buckle:Pass Thru Buckle
Chest D-Ring:No
Dorsal D-Ring:Yes
Harness Belt:No
Harness Webbing:Polyester
Lanyard Keepers:No
Leg Buckles: Tongue Buckles
OSHA Standards: Meets All Applicable
Rescue Loops:No
Shoulder D-Rings:No
Shoulder Padding:No
Side D-Rings: Yes
Waist Buckle:None
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