7 Summer Fall Protection Tips

Summer construction is almost upon us. Use these tips to make your summer fall protection a breeze...

1 - Plan ahead... You're not the only person on the planet that needs fall protection anchors this time of year. Sometimes availability is an issue. Don't wait until the last minute. This isn't a term paper.

2 - Get rid of old equipment. It may look okay, but if you've had that harness for 10 years, it's time to let it go.

3 - A bucket of safety is a great way to outfit a crew in a hurry.

4 - Worker's compensation and injury lawsuits are a pain in the ass. There are low-cost ways to keep your crew safe. Lawsuits are never low-cost.

5 - Make sure your employees know how to properly use their safety equipment. It's like having a TV without a remote. And that's just dumb.

6 - Take breaks and drink plenty of fluids. Safety equipment can weigh you down, but don't let it keep you down.

7 - Stay safe.