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Roofer's Kits

The fall protection roofing kits below feature everything you need in a fall protection system.  These kits, for most part, include an anchor point, a safety lanyard or vertical lifeline assembly, and a safety harness.  A great inexpensive solution for guys on the go.

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Roofer’s Kits

Benefits of a Fall Protection Roofing Kit

If you need all of components of a fall protection system for yourself, or just a few workers, a fall protection roofing kit is a great option. Our kits include everything you need to work high and stay high until you’re ready to come down. Most kits include a safety lanyard or vertical lifeline assembly, a safety harness and an anchor point.

Fall protection roofing kits are cost-effective and are ideal if you move around a lot between different work sites. All of our roofer’s kits meet regulatory guidelines, and we have a range of the most popular brand names available. If you can’t seem to find the product you need, we can get it!

Check Out These Options

The convenience, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of roofer’s kits for fall protection make them a popular choice at FallProtectionPros.com. Since most kits have all of the components you need, it’s a quick one-stop shop and you’re on your way. All of the roofer’s kits offer the protection you need, so all you need to do is select the one that works best for your work application. Some of our bestsellers include:

  • FallTech Contractor Roofer’s Kit – 50ft
  • FallTech Fall Protection Starter Kit
  • Miller Ready Roofer Kit
  • DBI-SALA Compliance in a Can

Let us know if you aren’t able to find the roofer’s kit you need and we’ll get it for you!

Helping You Work High From Start to Finish

Providing you with the right fall protection products to meet the needs of the job is what we do, but the experience wouldn’t be complete without a firm back end. Superior customer service is what makes you feel like you’ve gotten the most for your money, and our experts are here to deliver the goods. If you have any questions about which roofer’s kit makes the most sense for your work application, if you have a question about your order or if you need help with the ordering process, we are always here to help.

Getting your order to you is always a smooth process, and we offer flexible shipping times to accommodate your schedule. If you take a look at our range of roofer’s kits and can’t seem to find the combination of products you need, don’t despair. Just give us a call and we will make it right for you because as long as someone makes it, we can get it!