Safety Harness Lifespan

Ultimate Harness Shelf-life Guide


We often get asked the question "When do I need to get rid of my harness"?

Washing Your Harness

Can You Wash Your Harness?


The subject of washing safety harnesses comes up from time to time by our sweatiest visitors. Can you wash your harness? Well can you?

Writing on your Harness

Can You Write On Your Harness?


For those of you looking to write on your harnesses, you'll want to take a look at some of these guidelines before you write your next novel on the shoulder strap.

Aerial Photo

Flying High, Staying Tied Off 100%


Amazing  footage taken by drone by Prairie Aerial of a worker climbing a 1500' TV Tower. And what did this fall protection nerd notice?

Flat Rooftop Anchors

Flat Out Anchoring Options


Not too long ago we had a question about using an anchor on a flat rooftop.


Guardian Edge

As Seen On TV - Guardian


From a segment on CBS Sunday Morning about this long-term park ranger who wears his fall gear during rooftop snow removal.

Confined Space

Don't Compromise Safety in Confined Spaces

Confined space equipment allows the worker to be tied off and safety connected when working underground or in difficult to access areas.

Better Call Saul

SaulTech: Lanyard on TV


On a recent episode of the AMC series "Better Call Saul" FallTech gear could be seen during a pivotal scene. Check out a "Hero" clip below:

Super Anchor Max Kit

Buckets Saving Lives

With all the attention that ice bucket challenges are getting right now, seems like an opportunity to talk about our best selling bucket - the Super Anchor Max Protection Kit.


Having Fun During Serious Work


Play Ball! Words heard across North America the past few weeks as a herald of spring.

Eco Anchor

Keep It Loose - Non-Penetrating Anchors


Working in a situation where you can't screw or nail down anchors? We've got some options for you.

Safe Approach Anchor

Safe Approach Added to the Ranks


We're happy to announce that we've added four Safe Approach anchors to our ranks.