Super Anchor Max Kit

With all the attention that ice bucket challenges are getting right now, seems like an opportunity to talk about our best selling bucket - the Super Anchor Max Protection Kit.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes this a great product to invest in.

1) Anchor options: standard kit comes a classic 11 gauge steel hinged anchor for a pitched roof and a cross arm tie off strap to anchor to anything capable of supporting 5,000 lbs.

2) Harness - Basic cost effective fully compliant OSHA harness.

3) Lifeline - The lifeline included in the Max Kit is 50 ft. of 5/8" rope, rated for 5,000 lbs., and includes a shock absorber with a mechanical rope grab.

* Bonus A - best instructions I’ve seen for helping homeowners understand what they’re doing and keeping them safe.

** Bonus B - it ships free in the contiguous US

Now that’s a cool bucket that saves lives.