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Roof Top Post Anchors

If you're looking for anchors that are spec'd into your job or a looking to create a horizontal lifeline system, these are the anchors you'll want to take a look at.  We have the Fusion Anchors from Miller, the Roof-Top Anchors from DBI-SALA, and the CB series from Guardian.  We have you covered whether you need protection on standard commercial structures, standing seam, and membrane roofs.

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Roof Top Post Anchors

Falling is Never Fun, You Need The Right Roof Top Post Anchors Fall Protection!

Anytime you and your workers are working on a roof, you are at risk to fall from great heights, so it’s crucial to know what fall protection equipment is needed for the job. With most roofing jobs, you’re going to need a strong and reliable anchorage point and that’s where a rooftop post anchor can be just what you need. Whether you’re working on commercial, standing seams, residential, or membrane roofs, a rooftop post anchor is the foundation for every worker’s safety.

Fall Protection 101:

Falls are the leading cause of work-related injuries and death, so planning ahead can help you and your employees not be on the wrong side of this statistic. If roofers are working six feet or more above lower levels, OSHA requires that the employer provides training and the proper equipment to workers who will be exposed to dangerous fall hazards. This will help workers recognize fall hazards and know how to use the equipment safely and help rescue workers who do have accidents. It is up to the employer to know the full scope of work so they know the exact type of equipment they’ll need, which includes rooftop post anchors.

What You Need to Know About Roof Top Post Anchors

Whenever you’re looking at the right fall protection system and equipment for your roofing job, anchor points should be a top priority. To put it simply, they are the base for what’s going to keep you safe and working high above the ground with confidence. Rooftop post anchors are typically for commercial properties as they have a flat base and need to be installed on flat surfaces. The main function of these anchors is to connect lanyards, lifelines, or other personal fall arrest systems that will keep you from falling.

As always, depending on the work needed will determine what post anchor you should use. The great thing about rooftop post anchors is that they are easy to install and require low maintenance. The type of material of the roof you’re working on will depend on which anchor you get as well as there are anchors made for just wood or sheet metal and some that can be installed on multiple surfaces including cement or metal decking. There are also roof post anchors for standing seam roofs and ones that have a swivel-top to allow for maximum mobility. No matter which anchor you choose, be sure to know how to properly install it to the roof and make sure your lanyards or lifelines are securely attached to the anchor and to your safety harness. These anchors are extremely durable but if they’re not installed correctly, you’re going to wish you took that boring desk job sitting on your butt all day.

What You Need to Know About Roof Top Post Anchors

At Fall Protection Pros, we provide every type of anchor that’s needed for your next roofing job. Take a look at our wide selection as we carry the best brands in the business, including Miller, Guardian, and DBI/SALA. Whatever anchor is needed to keep you and your crew safely working above the ground and not screaming in pain on it, we’re the experts you go to. If you have any questions about our anchors or other fall protection equipment, don’t hesitate to ask, after all, your safety depends on it.