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Single Leg Shock Lanyards

Shock Absorbing Lanyards for fall protection reduce the impact forces during a fall.  These lanyards come in a variety of formats including shock pack, stretch, and internal shock absorbing lanyards.

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Get A Leg Up On Your Work

One of the most important things you can do in your life is to make sure the things that are a part of your life are a good fit. This applies to everything, whether it’s the kind of friends you have, the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with, or even those mission-critical choices like what kind of snacks are going to last you for the duration of a Super Bowl game.

With safety equipment, there are a lot of parts, and all of them matter when you’re working high. Single leg shock absorbing lanyards are one of those components. The lanyard is a cornerstone of safety, acting as a flexible tether that can help maintain a position while working, or, in the event of a fall, stop or arrest the fall.

Safety Comes In Different Shapes

A shock absorbing lanyard itself is simply a connector with hooks or attachment points on either end. Lanyards are built with different purposes in mind, but in the case of a single leg lanyard, this means that the lanyard is composed of just two points for attachment, one connects to the worker and the other to a suitable anchor point.

Depending on the type of work required, the single leg option may be the most practical and the most efficient while working high. Remember, having fewer points of attachment does not compromise on safety.

Spreading The Forces

While preventing a fall is the first line of defense, a lanyard’s shock absorber goes the extra mile of preventing potential injury in the event a fall does occur. Injury that occurs during a fall isn’t just a strict matter of hitting something; it is the sudden cessation of movement on an object already in motion that creates extra force or “shock” that then has nowhere to go but throughout the object itself. Physics lesson over.

A shock absorbing lanyard compensates for the sudden deceleration and reduces the amount the shock inflicted on the person falling, and distributes that extra force to the lanyard itself. We have different lanyard hooks, materials, lengths, and manufacturers like 3M, Guardian and FallTech.

We Can Help You Pick the Right Lanyard

Not sure which lanyard is the one that you’ll need? Don’t worry, we can help you narrow the choice down. We know what piece of equipment is best for what job, so don’t be afraid to ask! We’re the Fall Protection Pros and we want to make sure what you get is what keeps you safe.

When you’ve made your choice, ordering is easy. Just call us on the phone, or do it online, and pick the shipping option that makes sense for you; get it shipped cheaper if you’re not in a rush, or get it ASAP if you need it fast.