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Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal lifelines are often installed across the length of a roof or beam.  They can allow both fall arrest and fall restraint.  These fall protection systems are also well suited to accommodate more than one  worker at a time.

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Horizontal Lifeline Systems & Horizontal Fall Protection Systems

What is a Horizontal Lifeline System?

As the name suggests, a Horizontal Lifeline system is designed to let you work high while being anchored horizontally between two anchors, rather than being stuck at one anchor point.

How Does a Horizontal Lifeline System Work to Protect You from Falling?

Horizontal Lifelines are used in many fall arrest or fall restraint systems due to their great flexibility. They can be used in areas lacking overhead anchorage points for personnel tie-off. The lifeline consists of a cable or rope that is attached to two or more anchor points on sites that poses a fall risk.

A horizontal lifeline can be used in combination with a personal fall arrest system to arrest a fall and limit the force transferred to the worker. A horizontal lifeline can also be used in combination with a body harness and lanyard to serve as a fall restraint system that limits a worker’s ability to reach a leading edge.

What We've Got

We carry a wide selection of Horizontal Lifelines in various sizes, lengths, and materials to cater to your specific needs. Whether for residential, commercial or any other purpose, we’ve got it. The DBI-SALA EZ Line Cable Retractable Horizontal Lifeline System is a favorite among the pros. This system is easy to install and 33% lighter than conventional systems, making it easy to transport. This unit provides hands-free horizontal mobility and continuous protection for two users per span, and up to six users per system.

Another popular option is the Miller Two Person TechLine Horizontal Lifeline System. This 60ft lifeline comes with all the bells and whistles like low-stretch fluorescent green rope for better performance, less deflection, and high visibility. It also has cross-arm anchorage straps for easy installation, plus a shock absorber to reduce fall arrest forces. A convenient adjuster allows you to accommodate your required length while keeping the lifeline secure.

Not what you need? Browse our impressive inventory of Horizontal Lifelines. Our wide selection from an extensive list of manufacturers including industry favorites like DBI-SALA, Miller by Honeywell and Guardian will accommodate all your horizontal lifeline needs. If for some reason you can’t find what you need on our site, we can get it!

Our Sales Team Knows Fall Protection

Whether it is Horizontal Lifeline Systems or other valuable fall protection equipment, we have the sales team to get you what you need, whenever you need it. We have a massive selection of products, and we’re always available to help guide you through the process, so you have the most practical pieces of fall protection equipment for your needs.