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Fall Protection Anchors

Fall Protection Anchors

Here you'll find all the fall protection anchors you'll ever need, whether you need roof anchors for residential or commercial roofing, beam anchors for steel erection, concrete anchors for concrete masonry, or specialty anchors for weird jobs, we've got your 5,000 lb. anchorages covered.

Find Anchor Points from the Following Manufacturers

Fall Protection Anchors: Permanent, Residential, Commercial

What is an Anchor?

A fall protection anchor acts as a base to attach your retractable or lanyard to when you’re working high. The anchor is attached to a structural member that’s capable of supporting 5,000 lbs, and if it isn’t securely installed, you may be making a hasty return to the ground.

Different Types of Anchors

There are many different types of anchors designed for different purposes. There are Residential Roof Anchors and Commercial Roof Anchors. There are Concrete Decking Anchors and Metal Decking Anchors. There are anchors specifically designed for installation on wood, metal or concrete surfaces. There are disposable anchors and there are anchors for permanent or temporary installations. There are enough choices to confuse even a seasoned professional! That's where we come in. Not sure what you need? One of our qualified team members would be happy to help you!

What We've Got

Whether for residential or commercial roofing, beam anchors for steel erection or concrete anchors for concrete masonry, we’ve got your 5,000 lb anchorages covered. For residential roofs, we have the best selling DBI-SALA Permanent Roof Anchor with Cap. The flashing is built to be weather tight making it perfect for permanent installations. The cap also hides the anchor making it aesthetically pleasing. Need an anchor for a concrete column? The Miller Grip 10k Concrete Anchor may be just what you need. Designed for reuse, this anchor is super durable and long lasting.

Not what you need? Browse our impressive inventory of Anchors from the most trusted brands such as DBI-SALA, Miller, Guardian, French Creek and Fall Tech. You’ll be sure to find what you need from our wide selection. And on the off-chance you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can get it!

Expert Knowledge and Memorable Service

Our products speak for themselves, but our knowledge base and customer service is really something worth shouting about! We have a huge selection of products and manufacturers and an expert sales team that lives and breathes fall protection.