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Leading Edge Retractables

Leading Edge retractables are designed to be used when no overhead anchor point is available and the only option is to tie-off at foot level.  The built-in shock absorbers reduce the impact forces when a fall occurs from a low anchor point in which a greater free fall takes place.  Take a look at our selection and as always, give us a call at 888-412-7289 if you have any questions.

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Leading Edge Retractables

When you work on the edge, you need world-class protection

Construction workers face many dangers every day, especially when they live their life on the edge, literally - and one of the biggest question marks they encounter is if their fall protection equipment is up to the task. For workers who work at heights above six feet and along sharp and leading edges, it’s critical to have a leading edge retractable lifeline you can count on. Traditional lifelines can snap or shred apart along these sharp edges and guess what? The end result does not look pretty for the worker. With a more durable and innovative leading edge lifeline, you’ll be able to feel safe at all times and even practice your ballerina moves when working along these narrow and leading edges.

What is a Leading Edge and Sharp Edge?

Leading Edge - Imagine a construction worker installing steel beams on a new building high above the ground. The steel beams do not have a guard rail or a support system that can stop the work from falling. This means the worker should have a fall protection system anchored at foot level behind them that allows them to walk freely along the steel beam. As the worker does move away from the anchor point, there is a possibility for them to fall over the leading edge, which clearly is a potential hazard.

Sharp Edge - This explanation is pretty cut and dry. A sharp edge is an edge that is not rounded and has the ability to cut a variety of lifelines. Many lifelines are tested over a piece of a steel bar with sharp edges to see if it is compliant with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The Benefits of Leading Edge Retractables

Reduced Free Fall

Work with confidence knowing that leading edge retractables help reduce fall clearance compared to traditional lanyards. When workers are anchored at foot level and working along leading edges, they are at risk for a greater fall compared to being anchored at shoulder height. The benefit of self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) like leading edge retractables is that they require less than two feet to arrest a fall when the anchorage point is vertically above the worker, compared to the 17.5 feet of a shock absorbing lanyard.

Lower Risk of Hitting Ground or Objects

You’ve heard the phrase, “big tree fall hard?” Well, thanks to leading-edge retractable lifelines, in the event you do fall, you’re at lower risk of hitting the ground or other objects compared to standard lanyards. So, the phrase goes more like, “big tree, fall softly?” (We’ll work on that last part, the key is that you’ll be safe from falling and seriously hurting yourself.)

Safe and Easy Rescue

The last thing you want to have happened when you take a tumble at high heights is to be stuck in the air screaming for help. Yes, it’s great that you’re okay but your fellow co-workers can’t wait to give you a hard time when you’re back to safety. With many leading-edge retractable lifelines and other SRLs, you can self-rescue thanks to an attached self-rescue pulley system. Some also have built-in raise or lower capabilities to help self-rescue with a lower risk of getting hurt.

Safer Working Zone

Ask every worker who works at extreme heights and they’ll say they want to feel safe and flexible when working at dangerous heights. Feeling safe and secure helps them do a better job and not have to worry about a possible accident. Leading edge retractables reduce trip hazards or getting tangled up by chords because the lifeline retracts automatically.

Take a look at all the different options you have for leading-edge retractables or ask the experts at Fall Protection Pros which is best for your next job. As always, we care about your safety and getting the job done right, not how graceful you can fall.