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Commercial Wood Roof Anchors

Commercial Wood Roof Anchors install into wood sheathing, primarily on low and no slope commercial roof projects that require a more substantial anchor point.  We have a wide variety of anchor options from all the biggest manufacturers including the Miller Fusion, Super Anchor Commercial Roof Anchor, and the Guardian CB Anchors.

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Commercial Wood Anchors

Working on Roofs Can be Hard but Proper Commercial Wood Anchor Fall Protection Isn’t

Commercial roofing may not be as difficult as residential due to fewer slopes and uneven surfaces but that doesn’t mean you can be the village idiot and work without fall protection. Any roofing job faces its challenges but making sure the working conditions are safe shouldn’t be one of them. When working on commercial roofs, one of the biggest pieces of equipment you need is commercial wood anchors and lucky for you, we're the experts on everything you need to know about picking the anchors that will work for you.

Fall Protection 101:

Falls are the leading cause of work-related injuries and death, so planning ahead can help you and your employees not be on the wrong side of this statistic. If roofers are working six feet or more above lower levels, OSHA requires that the employer provides training and the proper equipment to workers who will be exposed to dangerous fall hazards. This will help workers recognize fall hazards and know how to use the equipment safely and help rescue workers who do have accidents. It is up to the employer to know the full scope of work so they know the exact type of equipment they’ll need, which includes commercial wood anchors.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Wood Roof Anchors

First of all, we’re happy you're reading this because that means you care about safety and building a roof with zero accidents. Okay, since you're here, one important thing to note about commercial roof anchors is that they are much different than residential. With residential, you’ll find many hinged and angled anchors due to the different slopes. With commercial, you typically see no slopes at all and flat surfaces on the roof and will want a flat-based, non-penetrating fall protection anchor to help you move around freely and safely get the job done. Once you know the exact details of the commercial roofing job, you simply take your wood anchors and install them right into the wood sheathing (be sure to read fastener instructions on the package to properly fasten to the roof). Commercial wood anchors come in a variety of styles as some are permanent and some are removable, and overall, many are made to handle horizontal lifeline systems, so there's no need to practice rappelling off a building, if your roofing job consist of that then you're probably working on the wrong property and in the wrong profession.

Commercial roofing projects typically consist of heavy loading and there are great options such as an all-in-one anchor system that secures up to three people at once and can hold heavier loads. There are also plenty of wood anchors for smaller jobs that can keep you safe and easily fastens to the wood. And as always, anchors are just the beginning, you need to have the proper personal fall arrest system and equipment that prevents you from accidental falls and hurting other workers. Alright, now it's time to get your butt up that ladder and put a roof on that property - with zero fall accidents of course!

Find it all at Fall Protection Pros

When deciding what anchor is best to use, it’s key to start with knowing what work you are performing. From there, you’ll be able to choose the commercial wood anchor that’s right for you. At Fall Protection Pros, we provide every type of anchor that’s needed for any job. Take a look at our wide selection as we carry the best brands in the business, and don’t be afraid to ask us any questions, after all, your safety depends on it. As always, work safe and stay above the ground, instead of screaming like a baby as you fall to it.