Super Anchor CRA Commercial Roof Anchor - 18 in. (Made in USA)

Part Number: 1033-USA

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The "Made in USA" Super Anchor Commercial Roof Anchor with 18 in. post is assembled in the U.S. and 97% of the materials are made in the USA. This is a durable, easy to install, and low maintenance anchor for commercial roof applications.
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* This Super Anchor Commercial Roof Anchor is assembled in the U.S. and 97% of the parts and materials are Made in USA.  The domestic steel is backed up by the steel mill certificates.  The remaining 3% +/- is our forged cast-loop top that is imported.  Complies with Executive Order 13858.

* The Super Anchor Commercial Roof Anchor can be installed on 3/4 in. CDX plywood decking or thicker, 22 gauge metal decking or thicker, or 4 in. concrete with 2,000 psi or more. Needless to say this thing is pretty damn useable.

* This Roof Anchor offers a 18 in. tall post which is welded to a 16" x 16" base. Sorry folks, just gotta give you technical mumbo jumbo here.

* The Hot Dip Galvanized Steel that makes this anchor possible is extremely durable and perfect for permanent application to withstand the weather. Just like that old set of rubbers you used to have. I'm of course referring to rain jackets here people.

* This anchor can be used to create a horizontal lifeline system for maximum mobility on a huge roof. Want to sprint from one end of the roof to another, get a lifeline system.

* This anchor can be used for window washing applications when using the provided window washing installation instructions.

* Window Washing suspension requires 2 anchors for the worker to tie off to – one anchor supports the workers equipment and one anchor is used for the safety lifeline or fall arrest equipment.

NOTE: The State of California has unique requirements for window washing anchors. Please see the Super Anchor CAL-OSHA Window Washing Anchors.

** These anchors DO NOT Meet CAL-OSHA Standards

** IWCA 1-14.1 Window Washing compliant (When using provided window washing installation instructions)

** Designed for flat and low sloped roof applications.

** Meets or Exceeds OSHA Fall Protection Anchor Standards when used according to manufacturer's instructions.

*** This item does not qualify for free shipping ***

*** Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship this item outside of the United States. ***

Part Number: 1033-USA
Manufacturer:Super Anchor
Anchor Durability: Permanent
Concrete Installation:2000 PSI or Better
Concrete Thickness:4" or thicker
Height:Post 18 in.
OSHA Standards: Meets All Applicable
Roof Penetration:Yes
Roof Pitch:Flat
Wood Installation:3/4" CDX Plywood or Better

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